Guitar Notes: Qustion Regarding Rockband 2?

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Hi there.

Ive got a Drum kit and guitar for Rockband 2, and i must say its brilliant fun.

I was just wondering, Can 2 people play online in Xbox live world tour on the same console/profile ?

So say if i was on drums, and i went into xbox live world tour, could my brother play as guitarist and then we could get a bassist and a singer from xbox live? Please note we play on my profile because we cant afford another one.

Thanks, rob


  1. centorium says:

    You can play with other people online, with you and your brother on drums/guitar and then get a singer and bass from live. But you can’t do career or anything just either head to head or quick play.

    Also You’d have to rely on finding 2 people choosing bass/ mic which is quite unlikely but not impossable :)

  2. Dan B says:

    Yes! You certainly can!

    When you go to an on-line game, press green to choose your character. Then AFTER you have chosen, your partner can go ahead and press green. They will sign in on the same profile, but during on-line play, they will have a (1) after their gamertag.

    Hope that helps :)