Guitar Notes: Question?: To All Musicians, Out There?

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How Do I Use A Metranome?

This sounds really wierd. But How?

I have been playing guitar for 3 coming to 4 years now? something like that?

And I usually try to devolope speed by Guitar Pro 5, and slow it down and then eventually add speed and more speed and more speed and more speed and more speed etc…….

So I want to learn Sweep Pickining but I need a metranome and I don’t own one, so i use online metranomes’s.

So going back to the subject: How do I use It?

Do I play a note per drum beat?

Sorry for my bad English, It is not my first language.

How Are You,




  1. Shock's in the Mud says:

    Yes! thats what the clicks are for

  2. Aoqua says:

    It’s up to you how you use it. There is no single right way, but it is simplest used with one beat per note.

  3. The Colonel says:

    Go buy a metronome…a good one only costs about $ 30.

    There are literally dozens of beats/time signatures that you can set it to depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

  4. Locko says:

    There are websites that have metronomes

  5. O says:

    However you want to use it. Usually each tick is a quarter note (1 beat), but I’ve used it so that each tick was an eighth note (1/2 a beat).

  6. Han says:

    Metranomes work in beats per minute.

    You set the metronome to the time signature, and tempo, play along. (eg 3 or 4 beats per bar, at 90bpm)

  7. Peace Frog says:

    A decent metronome will start at around 25-30 $ . It marks time by regulated ticking of course, that has speeds set at intervals (beats per minute).
    On my Matrix metronome the speed settings are:
    –Largo (very slow tempo) 40 – 58
    –Larghetto (slightly faster than largo) 60 – 63
    –Adagio (slow tempo) 66 – 72
    –Andante (a walking speed) 76 – 108
    –Moderato (moderate, medium tempo) 112 – 120
    –Allegro (fast and lively tempo) 126 – 168
    –Presto (very fast) 176 – 200
    –Prestissimo (very, very fast, the fastest tempo) 208

    Metronomes are great for rhythm and timing work. My metronome has a place to plug in earphones, so while you’re playing the pulse directly into your ear/brain will really help. It can be super annoying, because naturally you’ll want to play your own speed. But it helps dramatically, when you’re playing tunes. Metronomes are really good for slow work on songs, and other technique stuff when practicing. It’s used to establish an even, steady tempo, which as every musician knows, is CRITICAL in every sense of playing.

    There are a lot, and even specialized metronomes (i.e, for drummers, etc.) but a standard metronome is something like this:
    or this:

    Just set the metronome to whatever speed you’re comfortable with playing, and, it depends: the beat could be per quarter note, half note, you decide.
    Example: you’re playing a 4/4 song. If you want to play something for slower practice, set it to around 60 and use each tick as a quarter note.