Question about music…?

Here’s the deal; I’ve been playing viola for 6 years, and I’m about to do my Grade 5 exam in the summer. However, I also play guitar and piano, which I also get lessons in. I’m about to move up a year, and I’d like to take this opportunity to quit viola, after my exam, to concentrate on guitar and piano.
I hate playing viola, and as my guitar teacher says, ‘all youll get from it is a few string ensembles and orchestras now and again’. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at my other instruments, which I’ll definitely improve on after dropping viola. I’ve been invited to audition for our regional orchestras, which i don’t particularly want to do.
My viola teacher obviously wants me to stick with it, and my guitar teacher doesn’t want me to. My mum thinks I should stick with viola, but my dad isn’t particularly fussy, as he doesn’t want me to do misic as a career. I’m fairly passionate about writing my own songs, which you can’t really do on viola, so I need some advice.
So should I stick with viola, or drop it for my more favoured instuments? And should I pick music as a career?

P.S.- Sorry about the long read :/


  1. Spektical-Face says:

    i think you’ve pretty much answered the question youself <3

    In life we can never be sure of anything, a lot of the time we get confused with desicions like this because we are torn between what we think we SHOULD do and what we WANT to do. But even afetr we have made the desicion things dont always go smoothly, making it in music is half dedication and half luck so you can never be positive of anything …. but you have a rare oppurtunity where you have the chance to make yourself HAPPY.

    If you don’t want to do Viola, don’t. Guitar is just as beautiful an instrument and if pursuing it will give you more gratification then go for it!!

    If you get a chance in life to put a smile on your face then it shouldnt be ignored, happiness is under-rated and it’s something you should grab with both hands. Don’t worry about your mum, she just wants the best for you, but once she see’s that your fufilled she’ll be good with it.

    My bf is a guitarist, his dad hates it becuase he thinks anything artistic is a waste of time, but he’s actually doing really well, he has an album out, he get’s to play in different countries and although it isn’t full time he seriously LOVES it, it gives him a high like nothing else can. His dad will never approve, but when he’s on stage whacking out an awesome solo with random people grabbing his feet he isn’t thinking about that!! he’s thinking about how amazing it feels.

    Honest to god, write your music and put all your heart into the guitar and piano!! I i seriously hope you do well and go far… but even if you dont you’ll make yourself happy trying, and that dear is thee most important thing!! 😀

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