Guitar Lessons: Do I Qualify For A Performing Arts School?

I’m not really a stranger to Ballet. I did Jazz, Tap and Latin American for 3 years and I stopped for a while and am just starting to pick things up again. I have attened a few Ballet classes but I want to start properly. I have some intentions of maybe trying for a Performing Arts school when I’m 16, maybe doing Musical Theatre. I am a musical person : I love to sing (I have private lessons) and I play the Viola and the Keyboard and also the Guitar. Performing Arts and Drama and Music are three of my GCSE options for key stage four. I started Tap last week (I am able to skip grades) and I’m starting Jazz and Ballet soon. I am also very dedicated to all I do. Ooh, and, I am good at writing poems so I’m an okay-ish/good song writer.

(I am English, by the way!)


  1. Theyoungjournalist says:

    It certainly looks like you have a good portfolio!
    It’s worth a try – if your confident and good at acting, singing or dancing (or all three!) Then there is a good chance you could get in!

    I am currently in my last year of GCSE Drama, and it has been amazing! Make sure you definatley pick it – it’s brilliant because it’s a subject that you don’t get stressed about, and is a chance for you to express yourself.

    Good luck. :-)

  2. Ballyhoo says:

    Well, it depends which schools you are thinking of but all the good musical theatre schools like Tring, Laines etc will require you to be at a high level in dance. Ballet is at the heart of all dance styles and a good level of proficiency will be looked for. You don’t say how old you are but I am guessing about 14? You will have a lot to catch up in ballet technique but it should be possible to get to the level required for MT with a lot of hard work and a natural facility so you need to be getting to classes straight away.

    A good start would be to talk to the schools you are interested in and see what they say.