Guitar Games: How Do I Put My Guitar In My Inventory?

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This a question for sims 3.
I have an issue. My sim has had his guitar ever since he could play it, and he automatically put it in his inventory. But I took him to his girlfriend’s house, and he wanted to serenade her, but he had issues getting there, so he put it down, not in his inventory. Ever since, I couldn’t get it back into my inventory. I’ve tried the click and drag, but it doesn’t work. I tried dragging some soup, but that doesn’t work either. All of these are from his girlfriend’s house. Does the game consider it to be their item now, and therefore I can’t ‘steal it’?
Thanks for any help you can give me!


  1. Melissa says:

    You can only take things from your lot. So try going home and buy a new guitar and put it in his inventory from there.
    How did you go to his girlfriends house?
    Can you answer this in additional information? Please?