Guitar Hero Games: Ps3 From Overseas?

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if i buy a Ps3 from outside of europe, i know that it will work with PAL games however does it work with other things such as the wireless guitar for guitar hero and normal sony controllers from UK? thanks


  1. Bull Goose Loony says:

    Yes it’ll work with them, but get a good, bulky power converter (400W-500W) for PS3. If you don’t have HDTV, make sure your TV supports NTSC signal.

  2. mightyjinjo says:

    DO NOT buy from abroad
    1. you WILL get charged custome charges I paid £120 in them
    2. You have no guarentee if the console breaks sony wont repair
    3. blu-ray and dvd wont play as only region 1 i.e u.s will play on a imported console.
    4. constrollers work and so do games as there region free

  3. Casual_Gamer says:

    absolutely everything will work exception maybe stuff downloaded from PSN store but not everything from just one or two things from thousand so buy it guitar, controllers everything will work there is no region lock. hope i helped