Guitar Hero Games: PS3 Control Pad Problem??

I thought i broke it but now i’ve tried it on another game it works perfectly fine

I was playing Killzone 2 today when it arrived & half way through the game it just gave up on me – the control pad that is

I put Prince of Persia in & everything is fine

I unplugeed my Guitar for Guitar Hero 3 & my Blu-tooth headset & still the problems persist, anyone know what could be wrong as i’m about to go buy a brand new dual shock just to get it working

There is no way the people at Killzone headquarters could disable it as i couldn’t get on there multiplayer servers yet, it justy deciede to kick me off

Cheers Again People


  1. [[Dan]] says:

    It is running out of battery. Charge it.

  2. Sharoz K says:

    put it off then back on

    Try connecting it with the USB thing and Killzone 2 comes out tomorrow

    if it does not work try using wireless press the middle button
    after the USB part

    The Killzone 2 servers may be blocking you and installed something on your PS3 wait till tomorrow then it may be working if still not

    unplug that guitar nd stuff and ya bluetooth