Guitar Hero Games: My PS3 Is Broken? I Think?

This audio/visual art composition is a perfect synchronization of a virtuoso performance to visual Spectrum Color notation. It allows for both an audio and visual experience of the performance which dramatically enhances the overall art of the composition. The use of Spectrum Color combined with rhythmic synchronization provides a level of harmonic structural insight into this composition which goes far beyond traditional tools of analysis. This song is part of the Virtuoso 3.0 Electronic Music Education System.

whenever i am playing guitar heroes after about 10 minuites the ps3 monitor thing starts getting really hot and makes a noise that sounds like a lawn mower :/ im not sure why this is happening so if you have any idea please tell me :) thanks

this only happens when i play guitar heroes, every other game is fine


  1. Diggdydog says:

    It’s more than likely guitar hero then.
    If it’s an old style PS3 you have then they can get a but noisy, but nothing to worry about.