Guitar Hero Games: Ps3 Or 360, Sell 360 And Buy Ps3 Or Keep Xbox And Buy Tv?

I think I’m the first person in the world that fully comboes this song on X360, at least judging from the leaderboards. Nice :). This is currently the number 1 score in the world.

i currently own a xbox 360 and its my birthday in 10days….. before now i had my mind set on buying a ps3, because lets be honest there better. but right now im not so sure. i could sell my xbox to a m8 and buy a ps3 which i have a good deal on. with the ps3 i could get:

1 metal gear solid
2 cod waw
3 killzone 2
4 motorstorm
5 haze
6 drakes fortune
7 resistance fall of man
8 lair
9 fifa
10 saints row 2
11 nba street homecourt
12 another game which i for got

all for £300!!!!! this is a great deal if i did this deal i would buy a hdtv for christmas.

or i could keep my xbox and the only game i play is cod4 and get a hdtv……

please help me!!!!!! i need reassureing why i should or shouldent buy a ps3

p.s i have had and now sold many games on the xbox such as:
halo, gears, mass effect, guitar hero and many more and all i have ever played is cod4 and shooters…… do you think the ps3 will fill my shooting needs?


  1. JUICY says:

    Do it. Sell your xbox 360. Buy the PS3 and then later on get an HDTV.

    Good Luck

  2. Random Name Guy says:

    cod4 is the only game i play for ps3. thats all you need but those other games r good 2. its free online which is great but right now people r hacking into cod4 on ps3 and its making me mad. so ps3 is better for online since its free and u get a lot of games so i think the ps3. but if u sell your xbox cant u buy the ps3 then get the tv? o well it doesnt matter but u should get the ps3 in my opinion

  3. o_O says:

    Dude if your a fellow shooter then get a top spec pc or upgrade your current one. You can get gameing pc’s cheap as time goes on, also no need for a hdtv because almost certianly the moniter will be hd if you buy it new. If buying a pc is not a option then buy the ps3. If all you do is play shooting games like cod4 which i presume you play online then you are better off with a ps3 wich will be cheaper in the long term as you do not have to pay for online features

  4. EZZY says:

    I think you should definitely sell your xbox and buy a ps3 because there’s a lot more positives in a ps3 than in a xbox, such as free online gaming and watching movies in blu ray discs….p.s you’ve got a great deal with all those games…..if i were you I’d take the deal and later get an HDTV.

  5. 1 says:

    sell your xbox 360 and get a ps3, more games coming out for ps3

  6. Cody says:

    id say sell your xbox, and get the playstation3. and as for the hdtv, they’re way over priced, and if you go out and buy a computer monitor, it works just as good, if not better than a hdtv. i went out and paid $ 200 USD ( idk the conversion to whatever currency you use) for a 22 inch Hannspree computer monitor. and it works great. where if you went out and bought a 22 inch hdtv it would cost like 400 USD.

    so your better off buying the playstation, and saving up and buying the computer monitor.

    also if you take my advice, you would have to buy an HDMI which plugs into the computer monitor and the playstation 3. and that costs about 40 dollars in american. which in the end is all worth it.