Guitar Hero Games: Can I Use PS2 Gear With A PS3?

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I’m thinking of buying a PS3 but can I use my controllers and Guitar Hero guitar I have for my PS2 with it?

Also does it play PSone and PS2 games?


  1. Max Daddy says:

    The PS3 doesn’t play PS1 / PS2 games. Also you can’t use the controllers because the PS3 only has USB slots and the controllers are wireless

  2. Beep Beep Meow says:

    There’s no slots to plug in PS2 peripherals unless they use USB, which most don’t. You can use USB adapters for Playstation controllers like this: but there’s no guarantee your stuff will work perfectly or at all.

  3. Anshik says:

    u can if u got the old scul ps3 but u cn’t in the slim one

  4. Richard P. says:

    The PS1 and PS2 controllers use an interface the PS3 doens’t have- it’s all wireless and possibly USB, from what I’ve seen. Also I hear tell that PS1 and 2 games, though they’ll play on a PS3, look horrible- the graphics don’t get rendered properly.Though not having been allowed near the one PS3 in the house, I can’t confirm this, only going on what I’ve read.

  5. Bobbie says:

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