Best Acoustic Guitar: Problem With Home Recording Acoustic Guitar?

Hi, I am trying to video record myself playing acoustic guitar.

My set up is as follows:

I have an AKG C2000b mic connected to an Alto Zephyr mixer, this then connects directly into my camcorders “mic in” socket.
My video camera is a very good quality full hd 1080p camcorder.

The trouble is that the sound quality I am getting once recorded is far from what I expected given that I do have very good equipment.

The sound is pretty quiet and if I adjust the volume up even a tiny bit it distorts and sounds like I am playing an electric guitar.
Also it is picking up quite alot of static.

Someone please help because all in all I have spent around £800 for all this equipment in the hope that I can make some professional looking music videos with excellent sound quality and am quite dissapointed with the end result.

Many thanks



  1. Lance says:

    You have the gain turned up too much on the Alto mixer going into the camcorder, your camcorder is probably not designed to do this you need to lower the feed somehow or get a digital recorder….you might try taking the signal you get from the camcorder and feeding it into a computer where you could turn up the volume more to here it or use a set of head phones to listen to it….