Electric Acoustic Guitar: Do You Prefer The Sound Of A Soft Acoustic Guitar Solo Or A Ripping Electric Guitar Solo?

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  1. ? says:

    hmm soft acoustic guitar solo

  2. Miss Strawberry™ says:


  3. Smelly Cat says:

    oh both i love the sound of a guitar, be it acoustic or electric
    but if i have to choose i´d say accoustic no electric….
    i can´t choose! sorry

  4. : ] says:

    soft acoustic guitar solo

  5. Nunya says:


  6. strange1970 says:

    Depends on my mood & the guitar solo

  7. Mannquin Metal says:

    It would depend! Most of the time I’d love a gut busting electric solo…

    BUT… If its Tenacious D, I can’t make an EXTREME exception.