Guitar Songs: What Should I Practise When Playing Guitar?

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir singing Thou, Oh Lord, from I’m Amazed DVD. I do not own this video.

I practise quite a bit on guitar. I like to play songs often. What else should I be practising to become the best I possibly can?



  1. Frankie says:

    Just do songs you like I find it easier to make myself practise if I actually love the song!

  2. Jessica says:

    Chord progressions – helps your fingers switch positions quicker.
    Chromatic scales and blues chromatic scales exercises your fingers as well.
    Just basic exercises like that.

  3. Nick says:

    What I do is build up a scedule I play everyday. First, I play scales up and down the neck. My favorite method of practice though is playing the song Peter Gunn by Blues Brothers. You can go to guitar tabs and search it up. It helps me build up picking faster and extending my pinky more. Hope this helps :)

  4. ian p says:

    to really GET guitar i think you need to understand a scale or two and understand how the chords you play fit the scale, get some one to show you maybe

  5. D-earth says:

    practice working on technique, you can buy books to tailor your playing to the style of music you prefer. but learning a bunch of songs will not make you a better player! i use a book by troy stetina

  6. Ӄἱᵴᵴ ᴀῇḋ Ḉᴏɳtṙσᴌᴌ says:

    one thing i do is right before is play is playing an A minor scale in threes. It acts kinda like a tounge twister for your fingers lol.

  7. xImperfect since 1986x says:

    Pentatonic scales are a good warm-up.

  8. SEVA says:

    Try some of the TOOL songs they are really complicated
    Try their song Vicarious or Ænema

  9. Stoo G says:

    Always warm up, and always have a session goal. Chord progressions, scales, pentatonics and palm muting skills. Give yourself a time schedule remove any distractions and hit your goal for every session. Also you can’t under estimate the benefit of jamming with others, do it whenever possible.