Guitar Games: How To Be A Popular Blogger/YouTuber, As A Teen Girl, For Teen Girls? Tips? Topics? Ideas?

And now for “Part Two” of this year’s Christmas!

I play XBOX and PC games a good bit, I play guitar and I’m interested in pretty much everything! What would they (I know, I am “one of them”, but I’m drawing a blank!) be interesting i reading about/watching? Thanks x


  1. James says:

    Yawn. Yet another tweenie who wants to be famous.

  2. ~rocklover~ says:

    It isn’t so easy getting popular anymore, now it’s a “who you know” kind of youtube. If you are friends with the elite, already famous youtubers, the best thing you could do is get a shout out by one of them. Or hope that one of your videos go viral, that’s really all you can hope for.

  3. Death 2 Zane says:

    You have to have a good personality, be interesting and talk about interesting subjects. Make a video atleast once a week, get alot of friends and be very social when you start out to get yourself out there. Its actually kinda hard to do if you think about it but then again its not as hard as you would think. Just be honest and open about things and promote your vids as well like on facebook or myspace. Maybe create a neat intro/outro to your vids as well.