Guitar Games: What Do You Think Of Me (plz Read)?

OK, I’m 15. 100% pure Punk, a little goth. Love metal/rock music. Don’t mind RnB, Rap, hate things like Hannah Montanna, Camp Rock, HSM, etc. A bit of a rebel, hate skool, CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO END! Takes pride in my earrings, lol. Want to get nose/top ear piercings, maybe a tattoo. Defo wanna cut my medium-long hair to short-medium. Music is my life, love my vidoe games, guitar, can speak Japanese.

Well, that’s me. Right so I know I’m different (and proud) but am I weird? A freak? Would you like to hang out with me/date me whatev? Seriously just asking to see what people say *evil laugh* . Thanks :)


  1. PinHead says:

    No you’re not a freak, each to their own. The confidence you have in yourself is refreshing

  2. Alice F says:

    hey you seem really cool!!

    Japanese wow I would love to be able to do that :D.

    and disney channel popstars i hate them such wannabes!!

  3. mizzauborn911 says:

    uhhh pics? u sound a little geeky though no offense. no i would not date u im a girl but even if i was a guy NO. and idk probably not hang out with you


    just being honest.

  4. Jus says:

    Its not about how you dress its how you act if you are a nice person I would be happy to know you and would not care how you look

  5. Rozzaxw1 says:

    I went through that stage and so did my sister , we stuck together as our friends disowned us for the way we looked but I dont care the true friends stayed where they were. your not a freak or weird just making your statement, hehe both me and my sister at police officers now, the very thing we used to hate hehe no doubt you hate me too. but not in 10 years

  6. ☮ & ♥ says:

    How can you be like 100% Punk but with a little Goth? not really pure then
    but I digress

    Youre not as different as you think; I’ve seen hundreds of kids in my school exactly like you
    Not that that’s a bad thing. You seem lovely.

  7. visciddirtyindigenous says:

    yes you’re definitely different but I think you are just wanting to be noticed. you probably look wierd on the outside but you’re probably just a regular girl on the inside.

  8. Smile.It confuses people. : ) says:

    oh okay youre 15 that explains everything.

    youre not that different. youre another imbecile of our generation that walks around actually proud to constrain yourself within a single worded label: punk; goth. which are a cultural fads and trends within themselves btw. as are tattoos and piercings (hot but still very cliche in your average wannabe “rebel”). why the hell would you ask someone if they think youre weird/a freak? normalcy is a social precondition yes but on the other hand everyone fits in with a particular circle which can debatably diminish your “uniqueness”.

    and no i probably would not date you for the simple fact that im 18 and thats like borderline pedophilia…and you might be a girl?

    id probably hang out with you on a good day. i love all kinds of people. except conservatives/republicans/religious fanatics. sorry. tried it before : (

    eh. sorry im in a bit of a pissy matter of fact kind of mood at the moment. :

  9. Dream big says:

    Umm.. I think your alright~ not a freak… i mean avril is cool~ punk is cool~ i love Punk! whether you are a guy or grl i think i would soo want to be friends with you… snice you speak my language! cool awesome! and you should learn kroean too! but anywayz i mean it sounds like you are a rock star (punk star) and tats like totally like awesome.. I dont have much friends that are punkish rockish~ but they will be probably the most truthwrothy friends… and I hate hannah montana too!! lolz although i like H&M lolz…. anywayz ur different but its a good different i dont know why u think u will say freak?