Guitar Hero Games: Playstation 3 Game Reccomendations?

I came to play video games PS Does the singer in the second verse have a speech impediment?

I’m new to my ps3. Only had it for 2 months. Can anyone recommend any good games? I alredy have Little Big Planet, Quantum of Solace, COD4, Guitar Hero 3. I also have tried the Olympics game and Starwars which came as a free game but trading them in as i have got bored of them already. Oh and i’m only 15 years old and my mum has strictly said no 18s. Are they actually not suitable for under 18s for a reason?


  1. Dan says:

    Well if u like COD4 you shud defo get COD 5! I think its pretty good, really good online, if u have it! Metal Gear Solid is pretty good as well. So is Uncharted: Drakes Fortune…
    My PSN is “Pricey193″ if anyone wants a game sum time!
    Yeh 18s are generally violent… like Manhunt and GTA… :O
    Both games invlove killing people kinda badly…
    Especially Manhunt, where u get more points/money of you kill people in more gruesome ways!!
    EDIT: Oh, but Manhunt is now banned as it was SO bad!

  2. igotcha says:

    well all the game i would recommend your mum wont let u play…. but anyways here they are

    FEAR 2
    Fallout 3
    Resistnace 1
    gta 4
    ….. o ok i got one for u download Flower off the ps store

  3. TeK says:

    Should get COD:World At War but is rated M(mature),Resident Evil 5 coming out on March 13 is M,Street Fighter IV came out this monday i think is E(everyone),

  4. troy b says:

    Well most of the 10 that I’m gonna recommend is rated M.
    -Resident evil 5(not out yet 3/13)(rated M)
    -Fear(rated M)
    -Fear 2 project origin(rated M)
    -killzone 2(not out yet 2/27)(rated M)
    -gta 4(rated M)
    – soul caliber 4(rated T)
    -midnight club La(rated T)
    -I guess call of duty WAW(rated M)
    -resistance 1(rated M)
    -resistance 2 (rated M)

  5. Sharoz K says:

    Ok den non-18 games

    Metal gear solid 4
    COD 5 (alrite but not that good)
    Assassins Creed
    Midnight Club LA
    Fifa 09
    Pes 2009
    Fight night round 3

  6. ouch! says:

    Resistance 1

    Resistance 2


    Ratchet & clank

    Uncharted, is a must

    Singstar, for a girl.

  7. playstation3queries says:

    if it says 18 it is suitable for over 18s only maybe because of sexual scenes, bloodshed, horror, violence etc but a few good games are (depending on your fave genre of games) mirrors edge (fighting & adventure Like No other) tony hawks pro skater (skateboarding) fifa 09 (football) Singstar (singing) Tomb Raider Underworld (adventure) uncharted drakes fortune (another adventure) Legendary (fighting mythical Creatures) Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (tactical Shooter) Buzz Quiz TV (best With Friends) or resistance fall of man 1(amazing online when you get used to it)