Guitar Chords: Playing A Chord On A Guitar?

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AM I doing something wrong ? I try to play a chord on a guitar but it never plays smoothly. I think my fingers rub against the other strings.

Any advise ? Are my fingers too fat ?


  1. fayyy says:

    i wouldn’t say your fingers are to fat, i play guitar and i cant play chords smoothely unless ive got a plectrum so maybe try a plectrum?? it mite work (:

  2. SlamCrunk! says:

    try and press down the strings with the tips of your fingers as much as you can – that way they won’t make contact with the other strings. and also, press down hard and firmly otherwise you’ll get that crappy scraping noise (:

  3. J says:

    I Just started learning guitar at Christmas time and it’s a real struggle to get those chords ringing clear at first but the more you practice the better it gets. There are some really good websites with free guitar lessons and techniques for you to learn from. like

  4. Happy life in Mauritius. says:

    I have small fingers and thay are really hurting as i press a chord before a fret….
    i cannot press them firmly….

  5. mglamorgan says:


    I would say No…your fingers are not to fat and that does not serve as an excuse. If you think about it you will quit and I have seen many kinds of fingers playing guitar. My first suggestion is for you to get a guitar teacher…he/she will help you adapt your fingers to your guitar. If you don’t see that as an option there is some things you can try that is part of the learning process.

    1. make sure your fingers are curved enough so they don’t touch the string right behind it. (play with the right hand to make sure there is sound on each string)

    2. press as much as you can closer to the metal fret almost in the next fret not pressing on top of it. If you press in the middle or on the lefts side of the fret there will be much noise attached to the sound. (try in the first fret with one finger to see what I mean)

    3. Practice and be patient…the learning process includes many hours of try and error. After you can make the chord sound well there will be another challenge waiting for you…

    Good luck


  6. marcelllllll says:

    try simple open chords to start with – A E D G C
    thats a chord chart its fairly simple to workout. have fun

  7. benji says:

    Everyone has good feedback so far. What I can add is your guitar may be part of the problem. The word for this is “action.” Sometimes, if it is really hard to play a chord or lick, the action may need adjusting. This is the amount of pressure it takes push the string flush with your fretboard. Check this video out:

    Also, I’ve been playing 14 years, and I still do this. This is the most important exercise in my opinion. It’s called chromatic scale exercises or permutations. This exercise will improve your finger strength. Your hand is a muscle, and it needs exercise to get stronger. I did these four hours a day for two years. It also enhances your dexterity in your left hand. It also improves your right hand. You start anywhere, but I recomend the first string or your high E.

    Anywhere on the fretboard, preferably in the middle where it’s comfortable, play these combinations extremely slow, then gradually move a little faster. Just start with 1234 and 4321. Don’t try the four hour thing just yet either. You can’t run a marathon if you don’t train, the same rule applies; too much in the beginning can and will injure your hand. Just hit 1234 up and down your fretboard at first. Then don’t move right or left, just go from your high E string (1234) to your A string (1234) to your G string (1234) etc.