Guitar Chords: Can You Play The Umbilical Chord On Guitar?

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  1. Yancy says:



  2. Jozi, President of Nothing says:

    Yes… but it would be more use to save the umbilical cord for its stem cells.

  3. Rat Nana says:

    Its too think and dense… no sounds would really come from it.

  4. Claire S says:

    seriously don’t. also whos would you use?!? xxx

  5. poppy vox says:

    I can but I’m not attached to it.

  6. You dont even know who i am says:

    No, but I can play a Eb7alt on guitar

  7. I Have A Hobbit Fetish says:


  8. anne.fibian says:

    I seriously think you should lie down out of the sun for a while and reconsider that cancelled appointment with the “specialist”
    apart from that, keep up the good work