How to play “I know you by heart” By Eva Cassidy on the Guitar? Kathleen Edwards performs the lead single ‘Soft Place to Land’ from her new album ‘Voyageur’ for a special private show in CBC’s Studio 211.

I went online to find this out and found this website:

But my music theory is really really bad, so what exactly does that mean?
I can play the chords and all that, I’m just not used to it being presented in that manner.
When am i supposed to play that first G chord, and when do i play what strings :S


  1. says:

    ignore the tab, with the numbers and lines. it will take awhile for you to learn how to read tabs. for now i think the chords would be easier to play. basically its telling you the order of the chords. use a musical ear to figure out the counts and changes.

    the tab is basically showing you the 6 strings and telling you what fret to play (with the numbers) and the order to play them in (from left the right) its really ust something that takes time to learn how to play.

    overall, i would just suggest using the chords until you learn how to read the tab better