Guitar Lessons: I Want To Play Guitar But Not By Sheet Music!!!!?

every website/book i look at to learnguitar tells me oooo u hav to learn how to read it first and all this crap!!! i just wanna no how to play and i KNOW that u dont need to no all that stuff……i no sum one who is blind so he cant read music…..cant get lessons off him though coz he is always in college…..and i hav a really good ear- i can play any song on the piano that i hear….please help!!!!
i know how to read it and i know how to read tab but i dont know where the notes r on the guitar when reading treble cleff


  1. aznviolet says:

    ask your question in this guitar forum

  2. Jesse G says:

    Get lessons….

    I’ve never had lessons and can’t read music but have been playing for over 7 years…But I have perfect pitch. As for you saying you have a good ear… I can’t say thatll get you very far in the beginning. I REALLY suggest learning to read music and get lessons. I’m starting to learn now because it really is a good thing to know.

  3. Kutekymmee says:

    if you dont learn to read music, you will be severely handicapped in leaning to play. Do you really want to have to find someone to read music for you every time you have to learn a new piece?
    tablature is an option, but its a bad crutch. If you learn only tab you will not be able to read most music.

  4. Gunner 4 life says:

    try it has tabbed music which is alot easier to read than sheet music

  5. nighthawk says:

    Learning to read music is a plus but you can learn without reading music by learning TAB music. LEarn some basic chords and scales first. Go get some basic guitar lessons and go from there. I know how to read music but mostly learned by listening to albums …..over and over and over! Like another said, you have to have a good ear to learn by listening.