Guitar Chords: How Do I Play F#m On Guitar?

Lyrics of Satisfaction-The Rolling Stones anwer the q-estion!

Hi, I taught myself guitar about a year ago and I really enjoy playing it, but I often come across chord patterns I cannot play whatsoever..i don’t understand how to play F (I usually just play F9 instead) or F#m…how can I position my index finger properly and still play the chord? And is there a chord I can play instead of F#minor? Please help


  1. Remy says:

    F is of course
    E – x (or 1 with your thumb)
    A – 3 (pinky/4th finger)
    D – 3 (3rd finger)
    G – 2 (2nd finger)
    B – 1 (1st finger)
    E – 1 (1st finger as well, pressed down over both strings)

    Fmin is the exact same, except that the G – 2 becomes a G – 1, so that index finger you were pressing down over the E and B strings now must also cover the G string (!)
    bottom E – x / 1
    A – 3
    D – 3
    G, B, E – 1 (index finger)

    it’s really easy once you get the hang of it
    now, if that x33111 is Fmin, to get F#min we just have to slide it up a semitone! so take that same shape, and move it one fret up. if you want to use it in a song, look up a tab for john lennon’s ‘real love’. very beautiful use of F#min. you don’t need to substitute a chord for it, it really is very easy.