Can’t play D Chord Guitar?

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Actually I can’t play ANY chord?! I think it’s how hard i’m pressing the strings with my fingers but I have no clue to be honest. I’m not too far away from the frets and i’m not on top of it either.

I just can’t seem to find the problem?

How hard should I place my fingers on top of the strings?

(Please im an begging for a simple answer)



  1. OU812 says:

    So I’m guessing you mean the chord doesn’t sound right rather than you can’t physically get your fingers in position. If your guitar is properly setup then it shouldn’t take too much pressure to fret a chord. So try this. Make the chord and instead of strumming all of the strings, just pluck them one at a time. See if any of them are muted. If they are look closely to see if the finger under or over that string is accidentally touching it. This is a common issue. You may be fretting that string right, but muting it with another finger. If that’s the case you just need to adjust your hand and/or finger to fix the problem.