Guitar Notes: Will This Plan Help Me Lose Weight? How Can I Stay Motivated Towards It?

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PLEASE READ, I need people’s advice!

My general plan is as follows:

– 10-15 minutes of strength training on a morning and evening EVERY day. Varying between using dumbbells for my arms and strap on weights for my legs.

– 30 minutes of cardio a day leaving myself one day off on the weekdays and Saturdays off. This is due to me having a long guitar lesson which varies weekly and I work 6am until 5pm Saturdays.

NOTE: We have plenty of exercise equipment: exercise bike, tread mile, rowing machine, trampoline, punching bag, hip twister, weights, exercise ball, probably some other stuff lying around too.

– I skip breakfast nearly every day, I want to try and eat at least a couple of pieces of fruit in replacement of this.

– Drink water/dilute over everything else. (I’m a little bitch for drinking shit loads of milk and other crap.)

– Eating cereal bars or fruit in my free periods instead of buying junk from my college shop.

– Bringing my own, moderately healthy food to work with me. I work at a bakery and can’t help myself.

– For lunch I want to vary between plain old sandwiches and these easy to prepare cups of pasta.

– Try not to eat past 7pm. I normally eat right before I sleep which is really bad.

I really want to achieve this, so please help:

Is there something I should change? ***
How long before I will notice results? ***
How do I stay motivated?
How can I stop myself getting bored with the change?
What equipment should I use to target my ‘worse’ areas? (Thighs are the main, then upper arm, then flabby stomach.) ***
What should I look to eat in my diet?


  1. cakelady <3 says:

    The plan sounds okay except for a few things.

    You want to limit carbs a little more so try not to stick to pastas for lunch all the time…add salads for variety. Once you make yourself eat them a few times you will start to crave fresh foods more.

    Cereal bars are no better than candy bars a lot of the time so try to opt for some nuts/fruit.

    Heavier food should be eaten earlier in the day so training yourself to eat a larger breakfast is a good idea. Dinner being the smallest meal is what you should strive for. My nutritionist friend recommends eating a piece of fruit when you wake up then having a larger breakfast a while later.

    I hate breakfast and oatmeal in particular but I fell in love with steel cut oatmeal. It is so good, not like instant, and it fills me up for hours.

    I know how hard it is but once you get into the habit of drinking water and eating fresh food, you really will crave it. If you can force yourself to stick with it for a couple weeks you will have much less trouble passing up sugary drinks and pastries. I can guarantee that.

    One more thing- don’t completely cut yourself off from junk or you will lose your mind and binge on them. A little bit here and there is okay. Just don’t go crazy.