Guitar Chords: Pirates Of The Carribean On The Guitar?

“Alcoholic” Acoustic Version arranged by Common Kings. Thank you to family, friends, and braddah Bo who helped support, and create this song for CK. Shout out to all the fans, Common Kings are truly grateful! Lyrics: You’re the chaser to my Crown Royal Body like a Coke bottle and with every drink I can’t help but think How smooth you go down yeah Baby girl I love your flavor you’re the Rockstar after that Jaeger Southern Comfort when I need to be held So in love with you girl Pre-Hook; I’m so drunk off your love girl i’m buzzin And I can’t get enough, of your lovin Sippin you down girl I love it Hook; You’re the reason i’m an alcoholic You’re the juice that makes my knees weak my grey goose, baby you complete the mix drink My Patron i’m takin shots of you So Into you, you’re my Malibu My passion for you like my Alize Baby it turns blue when you go away So in love you girl So thirsty pre hook bridge; Your love is the only love i’m tastin Cuz baby girl, you’re so intoxicating So imma keep sippin your love Girl I never been so drunk Pre-hook, hook out. – Written by Bo Napoleon, Arranged by Common Kings

I wanna play the below…

I know theres more than one guitar

Does anyone know.

The chords played on rythem
any other guitar bits
what key its played in
the tab


  1. marc w says:

    This website has the tabs, is it what you are after?