Guitar Lessons: Piano Or Guitar?

I don’t know how to play either of them, im about to take lessons in one but can’t choose. Which is the easiest to learn?


  1. alikat says:

    piano definatley easiest

  2. tasha200 says:

    Piano is easier and will give you an all round knowledge of musical theory, which you can transpose to many instruments, guitar definately is harder as you will have to learn tab and it takes a while for the fingers to work.. the only thing is learning piano using the grade system can be really tedious but if you stick in with it it is definately a wonderful instrument to attempt to master..

  3. QueenoftheDamned says:

    idk, it all depends on u…u shud tri both, its more of which u like more..which everone u like more will come to u faster and then that is ur answer

  4. T. T. says:

    I found piano easier could never master the guitar.

  5. Hi T says:

    Electronic keyboard, smaller then a piano and cheaper to buy, and more variation of sounds.

  6. trevor s says:

    neither… drums!

  7. Laurence F says:

    whoah! no, dont listen to that first answer. guitar is definetly easier. that is if your planning to play to a good standard in the future.
    at first piano may be easier on the fingers but it isnt the easier instrument.
    If you learn guitar youll find one day that its all based on patterns.

    Piano is probably better for learning knowledge of scales and chords. scales and chords sounds boring but its that knowledge that makes all the greats sound great. and youll learn to love scales and chords once youve grasped them.

    to be honest the only real thing you need to think about is, which do you prefer?
    If after that you choose guitar, be sure to get yourself some knowledge of the piano. any good guitar teacher should enlighten you with some.
    But if you choose piano, knowledge of the guitar is not important, unless you personally would like to play it.

  8. patakat says:

    i’m gonna have to go with piano

  9. jager_IV says:

    Do you want easier to learn or more thorough knowledge?

    It’s a lot easier to understand the logic of the piano keyboard than the guitar fretboard. I’m learning to play guitar and am glad I chose it, as now I have a better understanding of both instruments.

    Plus, ain’t the guitar jus’ cooler? 😉

    Easier to move too!

  10. ♠Emmy♠ says:

    I play both, I think piano is easier at first, but I enjoy guitar a lot more. I think they both take some getting used to. Maybe you should try both and see which you get the feel of easier and which you enjoy playing most.

  11. Lifesabitch says:

    Guitar is way cooler and far more portable. Plus how many girls do you see gathered round piano players, compared to guitarists?

  12. casa_hiedra says:

    I’m not sure why people say that the piano is easier to learn!

    Think about it in a differnt way. The piano is a beautiful instrument to play and to listen too; maybe better than the guitar. You can really impress people.

    The guitar is is a lovely instrument too – and you can carry it around easily.

  13. Jonathan M says:

    guitar is the harder but better instrument…the piano is easier to play but when you learn about chords and notes etc they should both become easier……the guitar is defo better for pulling the women though