Photoshop: Dodgy font – but I need it?

Basically I have a font on my computer that is needed for this program named “Guitar Pro”.

Unfortunately whenever I use photoshop with this font installed, photoshop crashes and I have to reboot the program, it works whenever I uninstall the font.

So that is my problem, I must uninstall the font each time I need to use photoshop, and install it every time I need to use guitar pro.

This is getting very annoying now.

Are there anyways of using a dodgy font in photoshop? Like a plugin or something?
This font works with every other program on my computer (including Adobe ones like Flash).

Photoshop CS4
Windows 7 64-bit


  1. fivetoze says:

    strange… i use CS3, and have guitar pro 5 on the same system (xp) and i dont have any problems…

    i suggest you delete the font, and go get another version of the same font…and reinstall it… and in XP, i have the option to isolate fonts, or automatically substitute them…

  2. Nahum says:

    If you’re willing to learn something new, you could try correcting font errors yourself.

    First step is to use a font validator to find errors in your Guitar Pro font:

    Then using the validation error info, use a font editor to correct any mistakes. High-Logic has a program that you can use for 30 days:

    [This is all assuming that there actually are errors in the font, and that the errors are with malformed glyphs (that can be fixed with FontCreator). If the validator doesn’t actually test the glyphs (as may happen with some Adobe fonts), then it can’t be fixed this way.]

    You could also check the Guitar Pro site for an update, or ask around their support forum for a fix.