Guitar Lessons: Persue A Career In Acting?

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I thought i wanted to be a musician, i play guitar and i sing and have been playing the guitar for 4 years with lessons and singing for 2 without lessons but i just don’t think im good enough so then i changed interests and thought i wanted to be a director/producer and started a btec course in media at the brit school for performing arts and technology but I’ve recently started to gain an interest in acting, and i think i want to take it as far as I can, I’ve been acting for long as I can remember but have only acted in small performances when I was in primary school, I’m now 15 but haven’t done any performances since, I was thinking of auditioning for a place in the national theatre which is an acting group and then eventually (after doing alot of performances) finding an agent but I’m not to sure if this is the right path to choose, please help me?!?


  1. williestubz2002 says:

    do wht u like, my bro wanted to pursue nursing but switched his major to acting, hes going to graduate soon and his has progressed so much, try it out and see, educate urself and see where u go from there

  2. Kerosene says:

    Here’s how you get into acting:
    The first thing you need is experience. You should start small and work on building a resume to submit to potential agencies (when the time comes) Audition for school plays and join the drama club. You should also try out for local community theatre shows. Take as many acting classes as possible. Read some books on acting (those by Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Kristen Linklater and Jack Poggi are great). Be sure to get the support of your parents, they can help you a lot.

    If you feel you are ready, look up auditions on…
    All three websites are reputable, legitimate and free. You generally need a head shot and resume (this website has great information on creating a resume… When you have enough experience you should begin to look for an agent. Look up agents on the SAG website.