Guitar Lessons: Personality Groups? What Am I?

Im Not A Chav, Im Not Emo, Im Not Gothic, Im Not Scene, Im Not Scater, Im Not A Girly Girl Or A Tomboy!

What The Hell Am I?

I Love Bright Colours… Im An Actress At A Youth Theatre, I Get Singing Lessons, I Play The Piano/Keyboard And The Guitar. Im Tall , Kinda Shoulder Length Brown Hair To The Side, Side Fringe. Spend Most Of My Time In Jeans And Brightly Coloured Leg Warmers. My Fave Colour Is Orange!

Please Help x


  1. Scarlett-Rochester says:

    Drama queen

  2. Lizzie says:

    This is gonna sound so cheesy and cliche, but you are you. Why do you want a label?

  3. Foxtrot Unicorn Charlie Kilo ~* says:

    Does it really matter what clique you fit into?

  4. LouBoo says:

    a girl?

    lolll :)

  5. BRoth says:

    You’re confusing “personality groups” with popular cliques.

    Personality can be divided into four basic categories.

    D – Extroverted Task Oriented
    i – Extroverted People Oriented
    S – Introverted People Oriented
    C – Introverted Task Oriented

    You sound like an “i”

  6. Pvt. Gabe(riela) Swift says:

    city girl

  7. Halle says:

    We go under other (in all techincalities), we’re the Weirdos aka Independent/individualist.

  8. Lulu x says:

    Well, you’re not me, so you must be you :)

    Take care you, Lulu x

  9. §weetie. says:

    Your you.
    a independent girl that doesn’t need labels & isn’t afraid to show her true self.

  10. helmaron says:

    You belong to one of the best personality groups of all times.

    You are an INDIVIDUAL.

    Please do not become a boring clone.

  11. Can u rock my world? says:

    U dont need a label come on!

  12. says:

    it does not matter

  13. jacked fibras says:

    you are…….you

  14. fun_purple_beach says:

    I don’t fit into any of those groups either. I’m simply me.

    You can be an individual, with a mind of your own.

    How refreshing that would be…

  15. abc123... says:

    Why do you want a label? lol I agree with the first answer.

  16. The Last Word says:

    why do you need/want to belong to a “group”? Are you so dull that you can’t be an individual and develop your own style and opinions?

  17. Miss M.K. says:

    You’re you! = ]