Guitar Games: What Was The Most Perfect Christmas You Ever Had?

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I think mine was when i was living in my old stone house in Ireland about 9 years ago(i moved back here last Christmas) and there were hurricane force winds on Christmas eve and the power went off for about 3 or 4 days…I had a solid fuel Aga the pump was electric so no hot water or working cooker…no lights no t.v… nothing…I was having my ex husbands family over for Christmas dinner and we were having Venison, Duck and Pheasant Roast and all the trimmings…i cooked everything on an open fire and we all sang and there was guitar playing and we played games and had candles and the fire for light…no one could have a bath or wash their hair or anything but it was still one of the best Christmases i remember…how about you?…;0)
yeah poster…it was pretty smelly alright but everyone was in the same boat so we all smelled as bad as each other,lol…;0)


  1. Karl H says:


  2. kwab says:

    jus being with all my family. lol sounds like bs doesnt it

  3. Poster_22 says:

    No offense hon, but with no bath for 3 days, that sounds like a rather smelly Christmas.

  4. toon_tigger says:

    Getting away from this shithole of a country every time

  5. Lily Baby says:

    Mine was probably last Christmas.
    I had recently broken up with my bf and was feeling pretty lousy, but then my mom and my brother came over with some cake and we ate cake, and my brother played his drums, and we all opened presents, and i had gotten a kitten.
    i named the kitten pip, and now whenever i think of pip i think about that lovely christmas.
    that was my best one ever. :)

  6. sammyantha says:

    The best christmas ever was my daughter’s first xmas. she was 9 months old and i cooked for 12 people. I felt so proud of my family and took about 300 photo’s to remind me.

    I know have 2 children and i’m bloody dreading it, they will just ramsack the place and argue aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrh lol

  7. diamond_princess101 says:

    last year when i spent about two weeks with my boyfriend for christmas break and on christmas him, his family, and i sat and opened presents and they surprised me with a lot of gifts and a baby phat jacket that i really wanted. then we tried on the clothes and stuff that we received. in the afternoon we went to his aunts house to eat dinner and they opened presents and we played games and talked. then him and i took his brother back home and his mother said we could stay so we could spend some alone time together that was the most perfect christmas