Guitar Songs: Help People Got Any Ideas For Romantic Lyrics To My Song On Electric Guitar?

Whitney Houston – Live in South Africa 1994 02:00 Love’s In Need Of Love Today 05:01 So Emotional 11:35 Saving All My Love for You 16:20 I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) 23:22 How Will I Know Love Song Medley: 27:30 I Love You 31:00 All at Once 32:50 Where You Are 35:20 Lover for Life 40:05 My Name Is Not Susan 44:55 Queen of the Night 53:47 I Have Nothing 1:00:35 Touch the World (by Cissy Houston & Choir) 1:09:25 Love Is 1:15:40 Amazing Grace 1:20:00 Master Blaster (Jammin’) & Band introduction 1:32:55 I Will Always Love You Encore 1:43:00 I’m Every Woman 1:48:40 Greatest Love of All 1:55:35 Home 1:59:50 I’m Every Woman (Reprise) The Band: Musical Director: Rickey Minor Bass guitar/Bass synthesizer: Rickey Minor All Guitars: Paul Jackson Jr Keyboards: Bette Sussman Keyboards: Wayne Linsey Keyboards: Joe Wolfe Drums: Michael Baker Percussions: Bashiri Johnson Saxophones/EWI: Kirk Whalum Saxophones/EWI: Gary Bias Trumpet: Michael Steward Trumpet: Oscar Brashear Trombone: George Bohanon Background Vocalists: Olivia McClurkin Alfie Silas Pattie Howard Dancers: Carolyn Brown Merlyn Mitchell Shane Johnson Saleema Mubaarak Little girls dancers: Fajaliah Harper Vanity Ramdhan Sylvia Enriquez Mistey Ramdhan Mercedez Demus

the guitar riff ive got its on clean and its quite romantic slow, its for my boyfriend, and i need romantic lyrics which a guy would love to hear, i already did some but it sounded so cheesy i decided to start again. what would guys like to hear in a song that sounds romantic but not OTT. any ideas, even just a few words? please help thanx :)


  1. guitar virgin says:

    Guys do not want to hear romantic guff. Guys want to hear how handsome and sexy they are and how good in bed they are and how big their penis’s are.

  2. Sera G says:

    well the only thing i could think about is 2 think of the best day u 2 spent together and sing about it like the way he made u feel that day and way he felt about u and something will come 2 u i hope i was some help 2 u ooooo…. and juss have fun wit it he will love it no matter if it good or bad cause he loves u