Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would You Pay For This Wii Package?

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Please- serious answers:)
I’m selling my wii- there’s is nothing wrong with it or any of the games i just am bored of it now i’m older.
Here’s what i have:
Nintendo wii console
1 wii remote with protective case
1 nunchuck
Mario Kart with wii wheel
Guitar hero Aerosmith
Guitar hero III
2 guitar hero guitars
spare guitar hero guitar strap
Wii fit
Wii fit plus
Wii balance board
My sims
Rayman raving rabbids 2
Wii sports
We love golf
& obviously the sensor thingymajig and all the cables and stuff:)

I’ve looked on ebay& some people are selling similar to what i’ve got for £400 and some for £200 and some inbetween so i’m really not sure what to sell it for please help me:)

What would YOU pay for it?

Help much appreciated:D


  1. donnad says: