Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would You Pay?

I’m selling my wii with all the stuff i have with it,
Please- serious answers:)
I’m selling my wii- there’s is nothing wrong with it or any of the games i just am bored of it now i’m older.
Here’s what i have:
Nintendo wii console
1 wii remote with protective case
1 nunchuck
Mario Kart with wii wheel
Guitar hero Aerosmith
Guitar hero III
2 guitar hero guitars
spare guitar hero guitar strap
Wii fit
Wii fit plus
Wii balance board
My sims
Rayman raving rabbids 2
Wii sports
We love golf
& obviously the sensor thingymajig and all the cables and stuff:)

I’ve looked on ebay& some people are selling similar to what i’ve got for £400 and some for £200 and some inbetween so i’m really not sure what to sell it for please help me:)

What would YOU pay for it?

Help much appreciated:D


  1. Matt Attack :D says:

    $ 200-$ 300

  2. ComeAbordOnTheHOOOOOOTrain says:

    nothing cuz I have all of that BUT add up everything which is like 400 dollars or more than sell.I’d pay 500 or 400 thats what its worth the system itself is 200 dollars but no more than 400 but I have a wii so yeah