Best Acoustic Guitar: What Do I Need To Do To Paint An Acoustic Guitar?

First attempt at a YouTube video… Enjoy 😉

I have decided to paint an acoustic guitar for my final piece for a music related art GCSE assignment. However, I have never done this before..
I am wondering if i will need to sand it first? Put primer on it? Would acrylic be ok to use? Is there a varnishing spray i can use to protect the paint job after i’ve finished which won’t effect the colour of the acrylic paint?
I understand that painting the guitar will probably ruin the tone, so i have bought a cheap acoustic to use because i don’t want to ruin my own!! This guitar is not intended to be played!
Any advice would be most welcome.


  1. Ariel says:

    You will probably want to sand the body and neck with a light grade sand paper.

    I would protect the fretboard, pick guard, bridge and tuners with masking tape.

    Lightly primer with about 2 coats. Clean with a smooth dry towel.

    Acrylic would probably work best. Stay away from enamel.

    Allow to dry completely.

    I’d use clear coat varnish mixed with a little thinner for easier application. You might want to do several coats allowing each to fully dry before adding the next.

    Good Luck.