Guitar Lessons: How Can I Think Up An Original Melody?

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I am trying to write an original song so in the future once I get a band together I will be able to write songs for us to perform because I don’t want to be stuck doing covers forever.
My one problem with this is that my influences are Placebo, The Used and Black Veil Brides but whenever I start imagining a melody it seems like i’ve just copied one of theirs and placed new lyrics next to it.
I don’t play an instrument so you can’t tell me to sit with my guitar or keyboard- don’t get me wrong I would like to learn bass or guitar but I can’t afford lessons or an actual instrument- so anything like that won’t be helpful.
Ideally i’d like some professional advice so I can do some serious song writing and not playing around thinking I’ve made a global hit, when really its’ not worthy of a band, although I will consider anything you post as a reply.


  1. Wayne T says:

    There is no recipe for composing an original melody. Nobody can tell you how to do it.