Guitar Lessons: Is This Normal? Advice Please!?

I’m 16 and feeling pretty distressed. I am incredibly passionate about astronomy and music but I kind of feel like j want to pursue everything! I have been writing music since as long as I can remember. I play piano and guitar and had singing lessons since age 9.
In my spare time I read science books quite a lot, there the only books I read. I also do drawing, designing books and thinking of plots to write about, basically all I ever do is work to create something or be something great. The ambitious side of me is getting out of control and it makes me really worried that I won’t be successful at anything.


  1. jackie m says:

    As you are doing a lot of studying you will be good but no matter how much you study there will always be someone in life a little better or luckier than you are but as you get older you will learn how to control any failure you might have. Good Luck

  2. gw says:

    idk, maybe you could write professionally…

  3. Jay M says:

    I think you shouldn’t be less ambitious, you should find a way to convert the excitement of making things to creative influence and motivation to do so. Use your passion as motivation and you’ll get far.

  4. Uhigbviuy Vbiuyvbuib says:

    I’m having this crisis as well. I’m 17 but it isnt that far from your age, just turned. :)
    However, I recently got the idea to ask every one in my family what I’m good at. Haven’t done it yet but you should do that. Ask what your best at then try to focus on those aspects.

  5. curious says:

    Your interests and ambitions are exactly why YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. Keep it up. Go to college and don’t pick a major until at least you are in your sophomore year. Get exposed to a lot of subjects and ideas. You’ll find the thing that really turns you on and can then concentrate on it. At 16 you should be thinking all over the place. And don’t let anyone narrow your interests. As you keep pursuing your education you’ll discover things you never thought existed. And you will meet people who do all kinds of unique and interesting things.

    So don’t feel distressed. You are heading in the right direction!!

    Bravo to you.