Guitar Lessons: How Are Some Nice Ways To Ask My Guitar Teacher This? both guitar parts to this fantastic blues ballad by Gary Moore

I want to be able to play at least one of my favourite band songs like Billy talent diamond on a landmine or any song because usually my teacher only gives me the beginning of songs. I’m not super perfect at a song but i would like to practise one song at least until i get good at it. I don’t know how to ask my teacher this nicely though. Any tips?

or do you think it would be better if i just followed his teaching techniques until i actually become a little better?

because i have asked if he could teach me some solo’s before but he said it was too hard. Do you think i am rushing too much?

I’ve been taking lessons for about 5 months now.


  1. Bruce says:

    well it depends are you taking classes 1 a week or every day? cause if your doing it everyday then he just has a weird brain or if its 1 a week then you aren’t really good but not really bad