Guitar Notes: Help Needed To Become A Rock God!?

Ben Powell Drum Covers DVD – FACEBOOK – MYSPACE – TWITTER – NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED!! My twelfth MUSE drum cover. Quite an easy song to play, good catchy chorus. Dom plays the Hi-hats on 8th notes, I’m feel more comfortable playing it as 4th. I think whilst doing drum covers it’s good to be accurate, but you should have your own style. At around 1.33 the Muse track slightly dips in sound, I tried several times to fix this, but I can’t resolve it. Anyway thanks for watching, Ben

My son and I are complete beginners on the guitar but are keen to sound like rock gods.

We have nailed Wild Thing and the riff that goes….

Da Da Dahhhh, Da Da Dah Dahhh, Da Dah Dahhhh, Dah Dahhhhhhh!

(you know the one?!*!)

We can also manage basic tabs….one note at a time.

Any guidance greatfully recieved.
Just checked it out and, yes the mystery riff is “Smoke on the Water”


  1. kαч ♪ kíckín σff thє cαshmír says:

    wow “Rock gods” don’t know what Sunshine of You Love is

    greenday guy might be onto something..I think I read the Da Da Dahhs wrong..smoke on the water is a good possibilty.

    Easy songs:
    anything by the ramones is really easy to learn.
    Blitzkrieg bop was the first song I learned to play on guitar (I was 5 by this point) and alot of my friends learned it too.
    I want to be sedated is a good one too.

    The clash’s Should i stay or Should I go is easy too.

    basically anything garage band, or old punk is easy to play, Nirvana songs are all power chords.
    Check into the song My Sherona.

    EDIT: Well in that case learn the intro riff to sunshine of your love-cream
    it’s fairly simple.
    it to goes Da Da Da Daa Dahhhhh Dun Dun Dun Dun Dunnnnn

  2. GreenDayFan says:

    smoke on the water?

  3. ken says:

    yah, first of you want to learn all your strings and there names E A D G B e. You can also learn some other basic rifts like some nirvana smells like teen spirit or smoke on water. Lessons also work great for learning some easier stuff and basic knowledge.

    Do alot of finger exercises, one i recomend is using each one of your fingers like 1(index) 4(pinkie) then 1 3(ring) 1 2 so on. Have fun

  4. Silver* Rose Wolf says:

    I do believe that’s ‘Smoke on the Water’…

    To become a ‘Rock God’, follow these instructions :~

    Under a full moon, go to the nearest deserted crossroads. Draw a circle in the blood of a member of a whiney boy band. Strip naked. Sacrifice at least one member of the boy band {the more you sacrifice, the better it works}, preferably one limb at a time, starting with the fingers.

    Chant an incantation to Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour, and Jimi Hendrix, whilst dancing around the circle playing air guitar. Repeat every full moon for thirteen months…

  5. Vagabondious Rex. says:

    Well, play everyday.
    Start with strumming and learning chords, this will develop your ear.
    Do like a 20min warmup everyday using scales, this will help build strength and speed.

    Then learn some more tabs and play the songs all the way through. You might want to check out a beginner’s tab book. Then you can learn more about how to read tabs and where to put your fingers for the changes.

    Good luck

  6. teh anti-pasto (R.I.P. Lux) says:

    just park your car on the side of the road in arizona and just keep walking through the desert.
    and dont stop until you have hallucinations about, like
    then youll teach yourself how to be a rock god.

  7. ordoabchao2100 says:

    Practice every single day do not miss a day even if you only practice 20mins min. You will have to learn chords and scales first then try to practice for 3 hours per day by playing along to records. This is how the guitar greats did it. Dave Murray, Slash etc