Guitar Lessons: Musicians Help Please :)?

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Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to play an instrument and sing at the same time. (not like a recorder or a wind instrument although If that was possible would be frickin awesome! I would so start a band with a trumpet) haha :P. But I mean piano and guitar mostly. Mostly I am a guitarist and a singer but I play a little piano. Although I have never had singing lessons I been singing for most of my life and played some form of instrument since I could walk. I have played guitar for like 6 years and piano for like 7? (but I’m a real beginer on piano as I only had lessons for a year and only on writing a few songs, I really haven’t advanced much past grade 1) haha 😛 but when I sing along with guitar I either don’t put enough effort into singing because im concentrating on guitar so my singing is out of tune. Or I miss a chord or something on guitar. Is there any techniques to teach your mind to work to sing and play an instrument at the same time? Because all I got right now is doing each one individually. I’m mostly a guitarist so its really more advice when playing guitar I’m after :). Any advice would be appriciated :)
P.S I play electric mostly on guitar but I’m looking at acoustic and electric and staying away from powerchords. Is it just a matter of learning it all really well?


  1. qrs22 says:

    Pretty much, it’s just a matter of practice.
    You can start humming the tune while you are playing, just to get it in your head until you can sing louder. Also, you need to practice, practice, practice your instrument until you can play the song tied to a chair in a dark closet with your eyes closed. This will give you more room to focus on your voice rather than your playing.
    I am most comfortable with piano, but I also play some guitar as well. For me, singing with a guitar is easier than piano because when I play piano, I play the really hard stuff where I actually need to focus on my playing. This leads me to my next tip: keep it simple until you master the technique. This is exactly the reason you don’t hear James Hetfield singing on solos. Once you get the easy stuff down, you can work your way up to the hard stuff.
    It also depends on what you mean when you say that your singing comes out of tune. Is this because you are not putting enough wind through your vocal chords, (eg, singing too quietly) or because you actually have to focus to sing the right pitch? Sing the song a few times through with just your voice to make sure you get the feel of the notes. Take note of what it feels like when you are singing the correct pitch and try to remember that as you are singing. Then, if you record your singing while playing, you can see where you need to improve. This is a very valuable tool.
    It also depends on the feel of the song and the style of music. Is this a song that requires a lot of emotion? If so, practice it separately from the instrument several times a day. Ever heard of muscle memory? When you sing the song several times a day, your voice will get used to putting in the screams or the quivers where necessary without you having to explicitly think about it.
    Really, the direct answer to this question is to just practice everything separately until you get them both down pat. Then you can start putting them together.

  2. RR says:

    It just takes a lot of practice. Firstly start with an easy song you can play on guitar almost automatically, without requiring your full concentration, and also a song where the lyrics are sung pretty much on the beat. That’ll be difficult enough to start with, once you’ve proved to yourself it’s not impossible, then move on to more challenging material. Lyrics that are sung ahead or behind the beat will drive you crazy if you decide to start with songs like that.

    Good luck, and if it seems really hard, it’s not just you, everyone struggles with it for a while.