Guitar Hero Games: Music Game For The Wii?

I am looking for a music game for the wii, something like buzz that’s on ps2, or something that we can sing along to then guess the lyrics or something like that. i dont want to make music, so im not interested in guitar hero or anything. Thanks!


  1. Lee B says:

    get the game boogie its along the singstar type of game

  2. Rosie says RELAX. says:

    Wii Music is good but you don’t sing a long to that. I think there is High School Musical sing a long for the Wii, I’m not sure. Or you could buy Singstar games for the Playstation 2/3, they’re quite good.

  3. rudy says:

    the best game to buy now is wii music my cousin has got it and on the guitar you can like tune it and all that it is about 25 to 35 pounds.