Guitar Songs: How To Get Motivation To Learn The Guitar?

I have bought a guitar with all intent to play it, I want to learn how to play it but when I go to learn I kinda get distracted by other thoughts and stop playing it. I really want to learn and write my own songs, but I need motivation to play it, How can I get the motivation?


  1. notgnal says:

    find another guitarist and play together

  2. phoenixstarshine says:

    Take a guitar class and practise playing every day!

  3. Yoshi K says:

    listen to some good guitar tunes before a lession

  4. Garazu says:

    That happened to me too. About 3 years ago I got a guitar. I played it for a few months then lost motivation. I hadn’t played any songs or anything. Now I’m finally picking it back up and I’m seeing how much fun it is. It’s really relaxing and I’m actually learning songs.

    My advice to you is just learn a few chords then learn a song or two that uses only those chords. If you can play a song, you won’t lose interest because you’ll be actually accomplishing something.

    You can also find a friend who also plays and play with them. It’s tons of fun.

    Hope I’ve helped!

  5. JOHN B says:

    You must the motivation in the first place.