Guitar Hero Games: How Much Money Would I Get On Ebay For This?

well what im selling on ebay is: nintendo ds lite(boxed)
2.guitar hero on tour(boxed)
3.action replay(cheat device) for nintendo ds(boxed)
4. four game boy advance games.(pokemon fire red).(sonic advance 3).(pacman collection).(pirates of the carribbean dead mans chest.)i have no cases for them.

also a few accesories for the ds e.g case, emergancy charger.

so how much do you think i would get there all mint condition.

no silly question’s!



    ill give you 2500 yen

  2. shushin says:

    Check out the price for each item the go from there.

  3. iluvcows95 says:

    No clue.
    Not being funny but look on ebay for what other people have sold each item for.
    Then see if anyone has sold them as a group.

  4. ryan says:

    guessin put it up for 250 sounds good for what some of that stuff is worth