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sadly my nan passed away not long ago but left me 1000 pounds in her will which I am very greatful for (: RIP x

However as I’m only 17 , I can only think of buying lots of new clothes or new phone or something but I wanna do something cooler x

Is there a clever buisnessy way or anything to make more money out of 1000 ?x

At the moment I’m looking at selling my old games and games consols and guitar on ebay and its making me want to find ways to make money indipendantly and without a part time job x ?

Any cool ideas ???x


  1. Mr.S says:

    Save it, GO to college, Get Good Job, More money.

  2. MTH says:

    You really don’t need any advice, just carry on doing what you are doing, Keep your eyes open for bargains, buy cheap and sell for a profit…