Guitar Chords: How To Do Mixed Chords As G/B Or Else ?

I’m a half-beginner at playing guitar and I have come through a couple of these chords. I can’t find anywhere something explaining how it is made. Any help ?
Ok … But for the G and B I use, it is:


If I understand well (and I looked with the link), i should find a variation of both that fit, here on the 7th position.


  1. Mal J says:

    This is a great site, it should answer your questions.

  2. jimboy says:

    This is called a slash chord. So you may call this one “G slash B” or “G over B.” Which means that you play the actual chord “G” but you have to give it a bass note that is “B” on your guitar. In a band setting, you can simply play G with your guitar and have the bass player play B. In piano, your right hand does the G chord and your left hand plays the B note. More power on your guitar playing.