Guitar Chords: B Minor Guitar Chord Help?

This is the only barre chord I’ve come across so far and I’m having trouble. How are you meant to place your finger on the second fret as if I put it flat down then the high E string is always muted, no matter how hard I try, so is there a better technique and a way to help me build strength up as I seem to be using my thumb a lot to push the e string into my finger but it’s still muted?



  1. Gaara of the Sands says:

    It will come with practice but a good way to help in the meantime is to position your thumb right down the middle of the neck (at the back) for maximum leverage. Also, try rolling your index finger a little on its side towards the nut so that you’re using a firmer surface area to apply pressure evenly.

    You can get lots more tips here :)

  2. LucasMan says:

    You don’t need to play that high E string. Just playing the middle 4 strings produces a full Bm chord.

    Like this: X 2 4 4 3 X

    You don’t even need that G string in there. Even this: X 2 4 X 3 X is a full Bm chord.

    It will just take time to get it right. Try turning your finger a bit to the side. It’s flatter and not as fleshy/spongy, so you don’t need to push so hard.