Guitar Songs: What Method Can I Use To Remember Some Songs?

Directed by Alex & Martin

For the christmas assembly at our school me and 3 other friends are going to perform 3 of the Beatles songs. i will be singing and strumming along and the other 3 will be on drums and guitar.

What method can i use to remember the songs word perfect?

I am a big beatles fan and know most of the words vaguely but not perfect.
When i sang last year i sang Let It Be and i kept stumbling and forgetting some of my words so i dont want that to happen again.
Any help will be much appreciated.


  1. Josiah D says:

    Practice practice practice! It may sound cliché, but it’s true. Just work on memorizing the words as much as possible. Don’t just sing along with the recording all the time either. Quiz yourself, play it on your own and check it afterward, etc. That way you can be sure you really know it and you’re not relying on anything/anyone else.

    On average, it takes people about 8 repetitions to memorize something. However, that figure usually refers to short memorizations (e.g. a phone number). Memorizing 3 full songs will probably take longer.