Guitar Games: Men: Do You Think A Girl 16 Yrs Younger Than You Is Too Little An Age Difference For A Happy Marriage?

Hi :)

Im a 20 yr old college student, and I have fallen in love with a guy 16 years older than me (36).

My dream is to marry a mature Japanese man with black hair/brown eyes, thin face, reading glasses, and a thick accent (I have a fetish for this specific type of guy). I want him to be nice, perverted, funny, and relaxing…and I want to make his life as much happiness as I can.

*__* My dream is to give him lots of hugs and kisses, dress up for him, cook him good meals, make sure i notice his achievements, buy him small gifts, give him massages/sex a lot, and make sure I always show my love for him! It may sound like I would be stalkerish, but he could go out with friends whenever, and not have to worry about me getting mad or checking up with him…I like alone time (Im an only child so I like playing jazz guitar solos, drawing, and playing games like Elder’s Scrolls, Fallout, and Xbox Live ^__^) And I always want to be young enough for him~I don’t want him to see me grow old with him…I always want to bring light to his life, which is why I don’t want to marry someone my age!

Anywho, sorry for the long list of details~ Im not even that chatty in real life haha. But…I would say I am good looking and I think men are like fine wine, but I dont’ want him to be so old he will die too early on me. 😛 I think it is awkward mentioning this here, but in case someone mentions I “only have one goal,” or something, I have many such as starting my own company, graduating college as a polyglot, and traveling the world

Im just wondering if 16 years seems like a big enough age gap in the long-run. >:)

Thank you so much! 😀
ah yes, perverted japanese guys are the best >.< thank u for the answers so far everyone! i really appreciate it :3 i shud have been more clear tho in that i am actually very independent, and i prefer separate groups of friends~;) In real life I am a very mature person. I work, go to school, manage a business organization etc…But frankly this is the internet so~:/ Kate, please stop copying and pasting the same answer for all my questions. I think the one who needs to grow up is you. :)


  1. Sophie Bartlett says:

    it seems a huge gap, but its up to you, its your relationship.
    you want him to be perverted?!

  2. Legandivori says:

    I do not think the years matter. He will get bored of you unless you can focus on your own life a lot. You will smother him too much. It is a give and take both says. YOur approach is all one sided. Yes, by all means, be wonderful to him Daliy, but do the same to yourself and expect him to treat you well also.

  3. Jhon Packer says:

    this does not happen that the two cobine tasks and hours of leisure.

  4. tinman97030 says:

    I have a friend who married a girl much younger than himself, she is the age of my daughters. Their relationship is weird, they have no friends, i no longer talk with him myself. We tried to be friends for almost two years, but it did not work. They do not fit in his peer group and they do not fit in with her peer group. They are very lonely.
    Put the dreams and fetishes aside, grow up and become a real person, not a puppet.