Guitar Hero Games: My Mates Nite In?

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every wednesday i have a lads nite in. we get stoned and play the playstation 2.
the games we play are bomber man hardball and guitar hero 2.
do you have a friend nites in and what do you play


  1. what do i do :S says:


  2. Rhiannon W says:

    No..not really..but then agian I’m a girl and not into Playsation much..:)


  3. everybodysinging says:

    Yeah i used to have one every Tuesday…got some beers, vodka a kebab and played Pro Evo, Halo 3, Guitar Hero and Mario Kart and occasionally I would bring out the N64 for some old school Goldeneye…..

    ….but now I have a girlfriend

  4. Kai says:

    nope soz