Guitar Hero Games: How Much Is This MASSIVE WII BUNDLE WORTH?

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Wii Console (white) boxed, with all leads
Wii Fit with wii balance board
2 Wii Remotes
Nunchuck controller
Guitar Hero 3 with Wii Guitar
Wii Tenis Rack
Wii Golf Bat
Wii Steering wheel
Wii Baseball Bat
Ratatuile Game
Happy Feet Game
New Super Mario Game
Wii Sports
Wii Play
Rampage Total Destruction
Ant Bully
GT Pro Series
Lego Batman
Console is in very good cond., Very little use
Games without scratches
In £ as this is Y!A UK & IRELAND
10 POINTS (5 STAR) if someone converts them into £, or avaluate it £
£350 sound good, But most of the games when i bought them, they were more expensive


  1. Alan says:

    Don’t try selling it to any gamestores.
    They would only give you a portion of what it’s actually worth.
    I’ve tried, and got ripped off.
    example. a $ 60 video game = $ 7/or $ 9 of store credit.

  2. orionsfaith says:

    If you want someone to buy it all at once then $ 500 (+/- $ 50) is probably the most you’ll get for it.
    You generally get more money by selling things individually (assuming you don’t have to ship them all).