Guitar Notes: Help Me Map A HID Controller To MIDI For A Concert?

Guns N’ Roses Live – CBGB’s, New York, NY – 10.30.1987 —–BAND—————————————- Axl Rose (Vocal) Slash (Lead Guitar) Izzy Stradlin (Rhythm Guitar) Duff McKagan (Bass) Steven Adler (Drums) —–SETLIST———————————— You’re Crazy One In A Million Used To Love Her Patience Mr. Brownstone Move To The City —–INFO—————————————- This is an acoustic set. The first live performances of ‘One In A Million’ and ‘Patience.’ Axl tells the crowd he hasn’t been asleep for 2 days! © Guns N’ Roses / Geffen Records

I plan to play a concert using a PS2 guitar hero guitar to control a synthesiser in logic on my mac. I have the wireless PS2 adapter with a Playstation to USB converter that sends the HID signals into my laptop, and the buttons are detected by programs on my laptop (such as gamepad companion. I want to map different combinations of buttons together to produce one midi note (ie. button 1 + hatswitch = ‘C’, button 1 + button 2 + hatswitch = ‘D’) but do not know what programs to use. Gamepad companion cannot map multiple buttons together, and i do not know whether junXion can either..any ideas?


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