Guitar Hero Games: Making And Saving Up Money To Buy Something Nice!?

Hey Guys

Im 17 yrs old and i also go college , what im looking for is to save up as much money as possible so i can get my self an xbox360 for my bedroom, i get 30 pounds EMA a week ( for people who dont know what it is, its money from the goverment each week for being at college after 16) so for that i gave my mum my cashcard so i cant spend it thts gona take like 5-6 weeks to save up, iv also got a silver slimline ps2 with about 50 games and the guitar for guitar hero im thinkin off seling it to get more money on average how much money would you think i would sell the hole lot for??

Soz if its hard for you to read it , its because im autistic.
Help will be apreciated
to phillip,its a good idea, but i want to be driving when im 18 becaue i will have dissability money coming though then so im spending it on that.


  1. Philip M says:

    i think you should not get a game console as you will easily waste atleast £300 for games and accesories. plus paying for xbox live too.

    i think you should just save up your money for something important like driving lessons etc.

    game consoles is something that you can do without as you can get addicted and do badly in exams.

  2. Saucy says:

    I’m not sure but search for a PS2 bundle on ebay to get an idea of the average price. Also look on the closed listings on ebay to see how much they previously sold for. Well done for saving up.

  3. woodywigan says:

    Not got a clue how much you would get but If you want a quick sale get down to cash converters or somewhere like that. You need to be over 18 though otherwise they wont buy them from you. For more money go through your local paper.

  4. hobbithermit says:

    Good on you for saving up for what you want, smart move giving your mum the cash card!!
    Try watching similar items on ebay to see how much they go’ll have to take into account the postage though.
    Alternatively try selling it on gumtree or preloved (cant remember the web addresses) because its free to list items, or put an ad in your local paper.
    Happy saving!

  5. Farjan K says:

    idk how, is it normal to get into collage at 17, im 14 rite now, gonna graduate from highschool when im 17. my bro told me the average year to get into collage is 18-19.